Unhuman Acts (Only Human #7) by Candace Blevins

Can I read this book again for the first time? It was EPIC. I think I cried, Laugh and experienced so many emotions like I was right there with them. Ms. Blevins leads us to the final battle between good and evil. It is overwhelming. So much is happening and everybody is included. It was great to see all the characters from previous books. It makes me want to read all of the books again. It is not all about fighting, there is a great part about love, sacrifices, joy, family, loyalty, and trust. We finally got to see more of Mordecai and Nathan. Their insight and POV was highly anticipated and I loved their input. It is amazing to follow favorite characters through their story, to watch them grow, change and mature and finally find their peace. I was pleasantly surprised with the sex scene and was so glad there was still time for that. It was wonderful and hot but also seemed more mature and connected. The spiritual aspect is very well explained and written as usual. The whole book is emotional and intense. There were great losses, but it wouldn’t be realistic if there was none. It was…

Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates #1) by Felicity Heaton

A new author for me that get me hooked. Olivia is a scientist that works for a company studying other species. When one night one hot injured male lands on her table she is struck by his beauty and curious about his species. But when he bites her all bets are off. They are both forced to fight the bond trying to connect them as they are fated mates. I liked Olivia. She is smart, fun, determined and also doesn’t back down – I liked that about her. Being strong despite being human. Loren is the last prince of elves and he wasn’t in contact with humans for a long time. He is intense, arrogant, protective, kind and all male. He is a warrior with brains. Their chemistry is sparkling and when they both finally give in, it is hot as hell. I liked their bonding, their conversation and revealing the past. I hurt for his brother and I am hoping to see more of him in future books. I loved the world and species the author creates and I can’t wait to read more about it. It is a good paranormal romance with some suspense and interesting characters. The…

Unexpected Gifts: Pleasure Times Four by Candace Blevins

What a lovely treat for upcoming holidays. This is a story about love and second chances and fits perfectly in this time of year. I was wondering how will 4 so different people with different past work out together and Ms Blevins knows how to interwine them marvelously. Cole – a bear shifter and Jayce – a powerful vampire complete each other in their partnership. They are in love and happy together. They are sort of equal partners and their sex is smoking hot. It seems they don’t need nobody else, until Polly comes around. She is strong, independent vampire who has some bad reputation due to her past. As she was asleep for 150 years, she is now forced to learn all the history, social etiquette and technology in modern time. Let’s not forget Sergei – a werewolf and their house manager, wanting to be more. He was such a sweet albeit strong pet and so desperately in need of unconditional love and trust. I admired Jayce, he was the stone in their relationship. Smart, wise, patient and full of great ideas… I was fond of hard topics they discussed and how they confronted past vs. Present. The history,…

Defining Human (Only Human #4) by Candace Blevins

Oh wow, what did I just read? This was one intense roller coaster of paranormal politics, fight, bad decisions, good intentions, heartbreak, sex and more. So much happened in this book it is hard to put in a review but still so many questions are still not answered. Ms. Blevins shakes the whole paranormal world with so many twists and turned everything upside-down. Who is good and who is bad, who are allies, who would you chose to save? So many moral questions and not one straight answer. Will good ever defeat the bad? I guess the balance is important but what happens when the scale goes to the wrong side? Everybody claims they have good reasoning behind their decision but decisions are still hard to understand. I loved the plot and suspense and even moments that made me love and hate and curse everybody and every decision. I still have a hard time processing Abbott decision. I really hoped they will get back together. He is ultimate authority, strong, sexy and uncompromising but caring and a strict Dom with kink I love. That is why I was shocked to find out he was behind Kirsten kidnaping. Kirsten is trying…

Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark #1) by Gena Showalter

First let me say I am a fan of Gena and her Lords of the Underworld so I had great expectation about this book. I was a bit disappointed. Not that it was bad but this was more of an action movie story than paranormal romance. The constant fight between good and evil and never-ending inner battles. Zacharel is on his way to lose his wings if he doesn’t change his path. He is ruthless and strong and somehow selfish in his way to destruction. But when he meets Annabelle he doesn’t understand the appeal at first. But the more time he spend with her, the more he understand why are humans important and precious. Annabelle is a strong girl who is falsely accused of killing her parents and put in the mental institution, because no one believes her there are monsters (demons) walking among people. She suffered so much but came out stronger. I like my heroines strong and that they are not always damsel in distress  in need of a great hero. So I liked that about her, that she took care of herself despite the circumstances. When Zacharel shows herself to her, some things finally make sense to…

Knight’s Nemesis (Clementine Arer #1) by Misty Kayn
magic , paranormal , romance , shapeshifters / 28/03/2018

I received this book in return for an honest review We have magical world where nothing is as it seems and you can expect unexpected. The language and writing seems a bit old-fashioned but they fit into the story very well. We are thrown into the story with a bit confusion and is harder for reader to understand the magic, the world, stars and everything else. Maybe this was the purpose?! The main character is a dove and is supposed to be powerful but we don’t get the whole picture until almost the end. Even then we don’t have straightforward answers to basic information so some more clues and insight in the beginning would be recommended. The other one is a wolf, a leader and an alpha. He exudes dominance all along. Even though I couldn’t understand all his motives I somehow liked him. So with two characters so opposite we can’t expect nothing less than some primal dominance and power exchange – given freely and easily. I liked the building toward their first real interaction. The connection between the magic, the spirits and nature unique. It is powerful and we have just the right amount of it so we…

Angel 6.0 (The Box Set): Space Opera Romance by Travis Luedke
erotica , fiction , paranormal , romance / 28/03/2018

I received this book in exchange for an honest review  She is Angel 6.0 created in labs to perfect the human genome….but sometimes she is more human than human. Her journey is amazing but also painful. Her need to belong and feel like a human is driving her through the whole galaxy. We start with little knowledge of her abilities but throughout the story we get to learn much more. The story is filled with tragedy, drama, sex, pain, masochism, slavery…. The reader is sucked into the dark world of aliens, crime, violence, non-con sex, pain, bdsm aspects but there is even place for love and romance, even though nonconventional. I thought she will never get some deserved happiness. She lost so many people she loved but let’s admit she did fall in love fast. Vicious things happened to her but she fought for what she believed. She was like a killer machine when done wrong but with more empathy than real humans. There are many different dimensions of this book. Author created extraordinary world and species with their own politics, rules and language. Nevertheless there are still things that keeps us wondering and on the edge till the end….

Once Burned (Night Prince #1) by Jeaniene Frost
fantasy , paranormal , romance / 28/03/2018

I read this one in one sitting. One and only dark prince – Vlad with his dark persona is never apologizing for who he is and what he does. His motto is: better to fear me more than others. He values loyalty and is sexy arrogant. But when he mets Leila a lot changes for both of them. Characters are great, the writing is good, the suspense is well build and the romance is heating up.

An Unhuman Journey (Only Human #2) by Candace Blevins

This is a journey mixing different species, supernaturals and an extraordinary human. Mrs. Blevins does a great job with this one. Kristen is a tuff and independent heroine with special powers and she seem to be in the middle of the war to come between good and evil. She is smart, brave, proud, funny and sexually submissive. I liked the philosophical and metaphysical questions that spoke to the nerd in me. The dialogues were smart and entertaining. I liked how it pictured hell and demons and that they are not a priori evil. Oh let’s not forget all the males, shifters and vampires and demons that were jummy. I did hope for more serious romance with Abbot but I guess it was not meant to be. I am looking forward to see what journey lies ahead.

The Red by Tiffany Reisz
BDSM , erotica , fantasy , paranormal , romance / 28/03/2018

Another treat from Tiffany. Even though I’m not “artish” person it was fun getting to know the pictures and the artists that came with the scene. They were definitely more alive with them. Malcolm- well he grow onto me. I liked him even though I had a love-hate relationship at the end but I saw something like that coming. He is a man who enjoys sex in every perverted way. And being his whore comes out like a great compliment. I liked how the modern days intervened with the old days. The scenes -oh the scenes were pure erotic fantasy. I loved every single one of them. The best was with the Minotaur despite the ending was a bit off. I think she exaggerated a bit. She gave him a carte blanche and how was this scene different from another? I get that she thought she was drugged but still it was a game she know he liked to play. And the slave market was also another hit for me. The suspense, the mask, objectification….just perfect. I’m glad it didn’t work out with Sebastian. He turned out quite a douche. Through the whole book I was wondering what is Malcolm,…