Consequences: Owned by the Vampire by Candace Blevins
abuse , BDSM , dark , erotica , shapeshifters , vampire / January 28, 2023

It’s been a while since I visited Ms. Candace world and again she amazed me again. I love the way she takes me on a ride that consumes me. What can I say about Daniel, Sadistic, smart and dangerous creature. Intelligent and unapologetic about who he is. I loved how he was growing and adapting through their relationship. Mariah was like the other side of his coin, also smart, intelligent and strong. I really love how strong she is and willing to adapt to better serve her future. It was not an easy ride and not for weak, that’s what makes her special. I think it had to do with both of them being super smart and not worrying about pesky and unimportant banal things. This is darkish story, about two characters who grow together into love and partnership. There was struggling and finding their own power balance. He was her Master, Guardian and Guide which I liked the most. Helping her meet her through potential and meeting consequences when seems fit. The way he was advising her and tutoring her was an art that comes with living so many years and experiencing so many different eras. I absolutely loved…