The Priest (The Original Sinners #9) by Tiffany Reisz

March 31, 2020

5 amazing stars, The Sinners are back with a brand new amazing story

New city and new chapters of life are bringing something different…it seems everybody is changed, more mature but there are some things inside of all of them, they can’t run away from.

Søren was suspended from the Jesuits and he is dealing with it in his own way. Kingsley is expecting his third child and is nervous and panicked as hell. Nora is almost as usual self – getting involved in things that mean trouble. The priest committed suicide, but how is he connected to Nora? She needs to know!

When I first heard the title of this book, I thought it will be about Søren and his life after Jesuits, but nooo,  this one is about some other priest. There are many correlations through the story, that you can connect to their life, if you know their past and I found that very intriguing.  I loved every minute of it, and that the story is placed in New Orleans, with magic and voodoo and witches and….be still my heart, it is perfect. An average reader might read it as classic mystery, but if you read closely their conversation and all, it is much deeper and almost heart breaking on moments.

All in all, it is about solving the WHY, but the revelation will be more than she can chew, which says much, as she is Nora, and is not shocked easily. Some hard questions are brought up, and I admired her courage go against the corruption in Church, despite her love.

My heart was ripped, chewed and stomped on, then put back together. I always feel too much with these characters. A little romantic in me still hopes they will finally decide to live their own »normal« life and have some peace and just be happy. Their love is so great it is almost painful. Despite all their years together, there is still thing we discover anew with them, and I am grateful for that. They touched some elementary yet painful memories. Oh, and let’s not forget THE MOMENT when Søren decided to give her power. That was unexpected but I was glad, it showed his love for her.

“The master. The monster. The beautiful sadist. That was the secret she never told anyone, not even herself, that she loved him more for his cruelties than his mercies. (Ch. 27, The Priest)”

I had so much fun with the Detective and his cluelessness about kink, Nora is a great teacher and she enjoyed shocking him. Their conversation was fun, and they worked good together.

Ms. Tiffany’s books always leave me with so much emotions, I need a few days to process them. I laugh, I gasp, I cry and get hot 😊 So I would recommend this book to well everybody. It is well written with good plot, great characters and dialogues, mystery, love, kink and even a bit of magic.

Wrap Up

  • 10/10
  • 10/10

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