Dementor (Rolling Thunder MC Birmingham #1) by Candace Blevins

March 22, 2020

The world after epic battle is unsure and we are thrown into a new chapter of MC – Birmingham.
Ms. Candace kicks ass with this new erotic romance. It is amazing and be ready for a hefty revelation. It is sweet with great and strong characters. For me, this is also a journey about exploring and accepting your past. Coming to terms with wants and needs but being strong enough to explore more. Finally, it is also about the importance of community, belonging and family.

Dementor is a delicious sadist with a strong hand, but he is still very protective and even sweet. He is aware of his own limitations and is very supportive and helpful of Ember and her baggage. The romance between Ember and him is delicious and there many layers just waiting to be revealed. I loved their interaction and their kink was delightfully intense and hot. Ms. Candace is skilled in this but here was even more hotness than usual. Damn, but I had to reread some passages…

As for Ember, she is a survivor and I admired her. Her emotional baggage is more than any person could handle. Nevertheless, she became better and more mature because of it. Their chemistry and relationship worked in part because of what she was.
I was intrigued by Derby as we don’t have it here and I know it just from the movies, so I loved to read about it from her perspective.
I also love to read a book with characters (like Aaron) from previous books, It’s like a little insight into their afterlife. When I finish the book, I am always wondering what they are doing after a few years, how is their life and their relationships and so on.

So, go and buy this book, you are in for one intense kinky romance with HEA.

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