Angel 6.0 (The Box Set): Space Opera Romance by Travis Luedke

March 28, 2018

I received this book in exchange for an honest review 

She is Angel 6.0 created in labs to perfect the human genome….but sometimes she is more human than human. Her journey is amazing but also painful. Her need to belong and feel like a human is driving her through the whole galaxy. We start with little knowledge of her abilities but throughout the story we get to learn much more.

The story is filled with tragedy, drama, sex, pain, masochism, slavery…. The reader is sucked into the dark world of aliens, crime, violence, non-con sex, pain, bdsm aspects but there is even place for love and romance, even though nonconventional. I thought she will never get some deserved happiness. She lost so many people she loved but let’s admit she did fall in love fast. Vicious things happened to her but she fought for what she believed. She was like a killer machine when done wrong but with more empathy than real humans.

There are many different dimensions of this book. Author created extraordinary world and species with their own politics, rules and language. Nevertheless there are still things that keeps us wondering and on the edge till the end. The plot is twisted and refreshed with unexpected events. There were moments when you just want to reach in the book, grab the characters and strangle them yourself. I liked the writing, their world and the story.

I would recommend this to reader who enjoy sci-fi erotica and crime, but isn’t offended with darker and non-con aspects filled with pain.

Wrap Up

  • 8/10

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