Knight’s Nemesis (Clementine Arer #1) by Misty Kayn

March 28, 2018
I received this book in return for an honest review

We have magical world where nothing is as it seems and you can expect unexpected. The language and writing seems a bit old-fashioned but they fit into the story very well.

We are thrown into the story with a bit confusion and is harder for reader to understand the magic, the world, stars and everything else. Maybe this was the purpose?!

The main character is a dove and is supposed to be powerful but we don’t get the whole picture until almost the end. Even then we don’t have straightforward answers to basic information so some more clues and insight in the beginning would be recommended. The other one is a wolf, a leader and an alpha. He exudes dominance all along. Even though I couldn’t understand all his motives I somehow liked him. So with two characters so opposite we can’t expect nothing less than some primal dominance and power exchange – given freely and easily. I liked the building toward their first real interaction.
The connection between the magic, the spirits and nature unique. It is powerful and we have just the right amount of it so we don’t get overwhelmed. On the other hand it does leave the reader with many questions all along.
The ending was ok and there was just the right amount of cliffhanger to wonder what will happen next but not go crazy over it.

So if you like your books with straight answers and facts this one is not for you, but if you like some mystery with magic and shapeshifters than go for it. 

Wrap Up

Knight's Nemesis

  • 7/10

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