Untamed (Thoughtless #4) by S.C. Stephens

March 28, 2018

So meet Griffin, the most immature, narcissistic, egocentric and selfish douchebag with no filter. He is not very smart and there are moment I almost feel sorry for him how naive he is. He is so proud and blames everybody else for his lack of effort. His hunger for fame and importance is so childish. He is so unlikable that is a miracle I went through the book. But I kept hoping that he will finally mature and get over his self-importance and God-complex. I had to wait quite a while and go through a lot of his shit but in the end he made it. He grown up and matured and started making right decisions and responsibility for his actions. Bit I still can not believe how he annoyed me through the story.
Other than that it was good to see and meet other members and a glimpse into their life.

Wrap Up

  • 4/10

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