Defining Human (Only Human #4) by Candace Blevins

July 11, 2018

Oh wow, what did I just read? This was one intense roller coaster of paranormal politics, fight, bad decisions, good intentions, heartbreak, sex and more.

So much happened in this book it is hard to put in a review but still so many questions are still not answered. Ms. Blevins shakes the whole paranormal world with so many twists and turned everything upside-down. Who is good and who is bad, who are allies, who would you chose to save? So many moral questions and not one straight answer. Will good ever defeat the bad? I guess the balance is important but what happens when the scale goes to the wrong side? Everybody claims they have good reasoning behind their decision but decisions are still hard to understand.

I loved the plot and suspense and even moments that made me love and hate and curse everybody and every decision.

I still have a hard time processing Abbott decision. I really hoped they will get back together. He is ultimate authority, strong, sexy and uncompromising but caring and a strict Dom with kink I love. That is why I was shocked to find out he was behind Kirsten kidnaping.

Kirsten is trying her best but is somehow always dragged into the middle of the fight between different sides and species. She si one tough, brave and smart heroine but still managed to piss of important paranormal leaders. She is desperately holding to threads that she is a human but I have a hard time believing it. She doesn’t understand paranormal politics what sometimes makes her an easy target.

I swallowed this book in almost one sitting. So many plots and complex building of the world with suspense and erotic note is delight to read.

Wrap Up

  • 9.5/10
  • 9/10
  • 9.5/10
  • 9/10

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