Unexpected Gifts: Pleasure Times Four by Candace Blevins

November 25, 2018

What a lovely treat for upcoming holidays. This is a story about love and second chances and fits perfectly in this time of year.
I was wondering how will 4 so different people with different past work out together and Ms Blevins knows how to interwine them marvelously.
Cole – a bear shifter and Jayce – a powerful vampire complete each other in their partnership. They are in love and happy together. They are sort of equal partners and their sex is smoking hot. It seems they don’t need nobody else, until Polly comes around. She is strong, independent vampire who has some bad reputation due to her past. As she was asleep for 150 years, she is now forced to learn all the history, social etiquette and technology in modern time. Let’s not forget Sergei – a werewolf and their house manager, wanting to be more. He was such a sweet albeit strong pet and so desperately in need of unconditional love and trust. I admired Jayce, he was the stone in their relationship. Smart, wise, patient and full of great ideas…

I was fond of hard topics they discussed and how they confronted past vs. Present. The history, economics, social class and relationships it was all covered. The character development is evident through the plot, even though there is a clear difference between mature and foolish behaviour and how age really means wisdom. I loved the dynamics between the main characters. Their relationship between each other was special and when they all came together, it was on fire.
Unexpected gifts are all about family and friends and treats moments in Christmas time and it warmed my heart. There is some sexy time, but it is not the main point. The best moment for me was when Polly finally understands what Christmas all is about. For me that was when she finally finds her humanity and it warmed my heart. It was also great to see Abbott in other perspective too.
Ms Blevins knows how to write a good romance, with great details, enough steamy sex, intelligent and funny dialogue with heart-warming moments. It is not easy to combine but she managed it again.

Wrap Up

  • 9/10
  • 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
  • 9/10

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