Picture Perfect Cowboy (The Original Sinners #10) by Tiffany Reisz

October 26, 2018
Jason Waters is a sweet and good mannered cowboy living on his ranch in Kentucky. He is a retired bull rider so his yummy physique speaks for itself. Let’s not forget he is good looking too and devoted to his family. For a favor to his friend he is going to do some naked photographing for charity calendar. Hell it’s for a good cause and he promised he will do it even if his parents won’t approve (put it mildly). This is where Simone comes into play. Everybody who read Original sinners know she is a go-to whipping girl for Soren and a good photographer. I love how she is comfortable and open about her kink and sexuality and doesn’t doubt herself. Their firs interaction is a bit awkward but they are both curious and interested in each other. Eventually they start playing with each other but it is not a smooth ride.


I love their interaction and how she tutored him to reach both satisfaction. He is very good manner and has issues hitting woman at first. But when he realizes her pleasure in all of this, he is all in.
The plot is nice and sweet with some bitter drops but eventually they reach HEA. The scenes are hot and erotic. The book is short but it doesn’t seem lacking with characters and plot. I love Ms.Reisz writting style and she didn’t dissapoint with her humor too.

I love the ending scene with Nora and Soren and especially their humor after all this years

Wrap Up

  • 8.5/10
  • 8/10
  • 8/10

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