Acceptable Risk (Chattanooga Supernaturals #3) by Candace Blevins
BDSM , erotica , menage , shapeshifters , werewolves / 23/03/2018

Short erotic novella is a great way to pass an evening. Ok maybe it would be better to be a part of it…but “be careful what you wish for” proves right for Bethany. My rating: solid 4 stars When you mix 3 men, who are also shapeshifters and one woman you get a hot poly group made for kink. Due to this being a novella everything develops pretty quickly and the characters don’t have much time to grow on the reader but nevertheless they are well described and the reader can connect to them. Bethany enjoys casual kinky sex but isn’t ready to settle. But when all of a sudden, she meets 3 gorgeous men, her night is not as it used to be. We have a bit sadistic Dom Ranger, fun and sexy cat Jonathan and Max – newly turned wolf. So, there is the whole pack of hot, gorgeous and devoted men. She intends for one-night stand with them, but things turn up differently that she expected. The author does her best explaining the world of shifters and their rules so this novella is ok to read stand alone. There is a tease and a glimpse to Chattanooga…

The Chateau (The Original Sinners #9) by Tiffany Reisz
BDSM , contemporary , suspense , thriller / 23/03/2018

Would you play a game if you didn’t know the rules? How would you pass the test? Simple, you pass the test by taking the test.  My rating: Solid 5 stars This book was an amazing journey that sucks you right into their world and make you crave for more. I felt like an Alice in kinky wonderland for a while. This book, the plot, the writing and characters are all so delicious I want to live with them. Kingsley works for a secret agency and he gets a new assignment: to find his boss’s nephew Leon. Every other agent failed at the start but King being a King and masochist on top of all gives him advantage where others who tried failed. He gets into the chateau which is a whole new world of intrigue, sex, games, mind games, rules and fun. He finds Leon but things are not as straight forward as the information he was given. This isn’t a cult, it’s something much more intense and perfect for him. His time in chateau reveals more of Madame past and unexpected twists. Her story is a bit tragic though. The building itself is described in such manner a…