The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz

March 31, 2018

What a wonderful read. I admit that Mrs. Reisz is one of my favourite and go-to authors without checking the blurb. If she wrote it I will read it. Her writing is wonderful and consumable. Her characters are well built and realistic, her scenes and dialogues pull you in.
This book will have you question your moral values, because the line between right and wrong is not solid, there is a huge grey space between.

Allison was an orphan, who was adopted by neuro surgeon Vincent Capello. He was nice, smart, rich and loved to help troubled children. She was happy with her adoptive family. While living with him, she had an accident that left her with a memory gap. She is forced to leave her adoptive father, brothers and sister who she loved deeply. Now as an adult she receive the letter from her stepbrother Roland that Mr. Capello is dying. She still holds a grudge against them that they didn’t fight for her, but decides to come to visit them anyway. She has to face the past and back there it is revealing layer by layer. Nothing is as it first seemed and every truth will be questioned. Is there such a thing as good and bad, goodness and evil? Does the end goal justifies the means? So many questions, so many memories, pain, hurt, lies, secrets, partial truths…. the story will keep you on the edge till the end.
I loved the suspense, the thrill of uncovering the truth, but do we really know it?
I recommend this book to reader who don’t judge easily, who enjoy reading about dealing with the inner demons.

“Every child’s fate is up to the luck of the draw. I won the lottery of birth—wealthy parents and a happy life. These kids lost it. All I want to do is share my winnings with them.”

Wrap Up

  • 10/10
  • 10/10

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