Once Burned (Night Prince #1) by Jeaniene Frost
fantasy , paranormal , romance / 28/03/2018

I read this one in one sitting. One and only dark prince – Vlad with his dark persona is never apologizing for who he is and what he does. His motto is: better to fear me more than others. He values loyalty and is sexy arrogant. But when he mets Leila a lot changes for both of them. Characters are great, the writing is good, the suspense is well build and the romance is heating up.

An Unhuman Journey (Only Human #2) by Candace Blevins

This is a journey mixing different species, supernaturals and an extraordinary human. Mrs. Blevins does a great job with this one. Kristen is a tuff and independent heroine with special powers and she seem to be in the middle of the war to come between good and evil. She is smart, brave, proud, funny and sexually submissive. I liked the philosophical and metaphysical questions that spoke to the nerd in me. The dialogues were smart and entertaining. I liked how it pictured hell and demons and that they are not a priori evil. Oh let’s not forget all the males, shifters and vampires and demons that were jummy. I did hope for more serious romance with Abbot but I guess it was not meant to be. I am looking forward to see what journey lies ahead.

The Red by Tiffany Reisz
BDSM , erotica , fantasy , paranormal , romance / 28/03/2018

Another treat from Tiffany. Even though I’m not “artish” person it was fun getting to know the pictures and the artists that came with the scene. They were definitely more alive with them. Malcolm- well he grow onto me. I liked him even though I had a love-hate relationship at the end but I saw something like that coming. He is a man who enjoys sex in every perverted way. And being his whore comes out like a great compliment. I liked how the modern days intervened with the old days. The scenes -oh the scenes were pure erotic fantasy. I loved every single one of them. The best was with the Minotaur despite the ending was a bit off. I think she exaggerated a bit. She gave him a carte blanche and how was this scene different from another? I get that she thought she was drugged but still it was a game she know he liked to play. And the slave market was also another hit for me. The suspense, the mask, objectification….just perfect. I’m glad it didn’t work out with Sebastian. He turned out quite a douche. Through the whole book I was wondering what is Malcolm,…

Laura Meets Jeffrey: Both Sides of an Erotic Memoir by Jeffrey Michelson
BDSM , erotica , funny , memoir , menage , romance / 23/03/2018

This is a wonderful and humorous read. My rating: 4 stars I loved the insight from both sides with the different point of view. Jeffrey and Laura are spontaneous and a bit reckless. They take from life everything and more. There is some great comparison through the story which is wrapped in Jeffrey’s sense of humor and some sarcasm. Even nowadays people dream of good old days of RNR and flower power and it’s a privilege to see it through the eyes of someone who actually lived it. Jeffrey’s writing is descriptive, funny and real with lots of sex and drugs. To hear about musicians we still listen and writers we still read. The stamina of both of them is fascinating and Laura’s input spiced up the whole story. I loved the moment when Jeffrey overcomes his jealousy and starts sharing Laura without prejudice and drama, just pure hedonism and arousal. The closure is good and overall I could say this is a love story and would recommend it further. It’s raw, honest and will shake you to the bone.

Still (Long Slow Tease #1) by Ann Mayburn
BDSM , contemporary , erotica , romance / 23/03/2018

This is definitely long slow tease and my first FemDom book. My rating: 4 stars I usually prefer male Dom in the story so this one really surprised me in a good way. I loved the story, it’s well written and even though it’s fiction it seems real. Both of the main characters are well developed. Michelle seems like ice queen to others but when she let him close we can see she is just as fragile and soft inside. She has a big heart full of guilt. She wants to »fix« him and help him through his PTSD. Wyatt on the other hand is pure alpha male which I couldn’t imagine as a sub. He doesn’t know anything about BDSM. He is struggling with himself and all the new sensations, feelings but he submits to her willingly even though I think he truly did so only in the bedroom. I liked how shocked he was in the beginning and how he was trying to restrain himself from reacting, but he did change and learn through the story. The anticipation was building page after page and the teasing was lasting quite some time. There were so many emotions coming from…