Queen Takes Rook (Their Vampire Queen #4) by Joely Sue Burkhart

September 10, 2018
I believe this became one of my favorite series. Erotic untraditional vampires combined with a female heroine in a great suspense is just amazing. The complexity of the plot is so well written that you can easily imagine every scene in details.

After her deal and help with Queen Zaniyah, Isadore is ready for her well-deserved rest but politics and NY queen have something else in mind. She is invited to New York, where she will finally face and deal with the NY Queen. All of this while dealing with betrayal from someone from Zaniyah’s nest and Ra’s intrusion. While in NY the story is quickly developing and turning, but the reader doesn’t feel like it’s rushing so it’s nicely executed.

Every Blood has well developed character with so much depth you feel for them every time they hurt and love. It is wonderful how she knows how to use their advantages and takes time for every single one of them. She is still getting to know the new twins and there is a hint of doubt that quickly dissolves when they open to her and help her in critical situation. She is amazing in her unapologetic love for life and sex and blood, furthermore her growing power is something magnificent to observe.

Sex is kinky, raw, animalistic and dirty. The perfect kind 🙂 I love how every Blood has something different to offer her and they all love their orgies. Their connection during sex (and elsewhere) is deep and their scenes are bloody intense. Nevertheless the plot is great and I can’t wait for the next book.

Wrap Up

  • 10/10
  • 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10

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