Exalted: A Dark Romantic Thriller by Sansa Rayne

March 28, 2018

My first thought: I hate Anita and Jonas – they are sick and twisted individuals that want to control everybody and they (especially Jonas) is making an excuse with his “Faith and Jesus” – they think they are superior because of their money and influence. Jonas is a real psychopath.

Aldous – He was ok, the most realistic person in the book with his temper and not being perfect. As a Dom he is so-so, some scenes are not very safe.

Carson -for a first time test being in the cage and bound for the whole night and again through the day I don’t find that healthy. He also didn’t do much explaining for the scenes, not that he must as a Dom, but some conversation for someone who is just getting to know bdsm would be appreciated.

Carson – She didn’t get under my skin like some heroines do. Her investigation at first is a bit lacking and she is not really good detective. As for the submissive role – she is so eager to please him and do as he say, very trusting at first.
As for their relationship – It was ok. The bdsm scenes were ok, nothing extraordinary and they didn’t do much for me. Maybe I became picky: D
I admire Summer for her courage and everything she done to survive.

Marla and Gabriel – they were somehow forced into the book so that everything developed as it was supposed to.

I sort of just fly through the last chapters… The plot and the suspense were sort of building but the ending is very quick.

It was ok book sort of 3 stars for me but I won’t be fretting about it a long time like other I became addicted 🙂

I didn’t like the cliché with all bad guys having small dicks and they are compensating – that’s just unrealistic. Some (like Marshall) are just twisted psychopaths I wanted to kill myself. Grr how he went on my nerves.

Wrap Up

  • 6.5/10

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