Falling Series Boxed Set (Falling #1-3) by A. Zavarelli
BDSM , dark , erotica , romance / March 28, 2018

I received this book in exchange for honest review  The title of the series is fitting for what it holds. We have Gabriel and we have Victoria. They come from different words but from the first moment they can’t get each other out of their head. The reader can smell the romance here, but it is not a typical romance. It is intense, with some crime, kinky sex, sexy scenes and light BDSM. In their first encounter he comes out like a snob but still they draw a spark. He is an alpha male who knows what he wants but through the stories we see some of this insecurities. I liked the change in his personality that comes from his attachment to her. Their relationship is intense and scenes are hot but there were moments when he was cold and arrogant on purpose. And then we have Victoria who is running from her psychotic step mother. And her number one rule is don’t get attached and never stay more than 3 months at the same place. Small parts from her running may come unrealistic but they add to suspense. I could split the series into three important breakthroughs: The truth,…

We Were One Once (We Were One Once #1) by Willow Madison
abuse , BDSM , dark , erotica / March 28, 2018

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review Fresh and dark romance with a great story and unexpected turns. Mysterious love triangle with intense characters. Each of them has a special personality or even more of them. We go through bits and pieces and getting to know them is a journey. Their lives seems complicated on times but they all have their dark secrets. I loved how the past and the present came closer and closer together until we connect the dots…but one ending opens another beginning. I loved the twisted minds and games, the intense situations and the scenes. A beautiful girl full of contradictions is also full of surprises. Despite everything we have a romance. Simon surprised me when he showed his softer side, it would be interesting if he would go through with all his plans, but is nice to have some sweet romance in the middle of the dark passion Three main characters: I could’t hate Simon despite his “job”, she is just interesting and funny but Miles….wow, he surprised me. I can’t wait to see what happens next

Pretty Stolen Dolls (Pretty Little Dolls #1) by Ker Dukey
abuse , dark , erotica , suspense / March 28, 2018

Oh wow, Mrs. Dukey provides us with a dark, twisted masterpiece. The plot and writing is great with a psychological input and such mindfuck it leaves you wanting for more. The characters are all a bit broken but they are so well described and developed they came out realistic. This one is for lovers of dark erotica who are not offended by rape, abuse and so much more. Expect the unexpected

Exalted: A Dark Romantic Thriller by Sansa Rayne
BDSM , contemporary , dark , suspense , thriller / March 28, 2018

My first thought: I hate Anita and Jonas – they are sick and twisted individuals that want to control everybody and they (especially Jonas) is making an excuse with his “Faith and Jesus” – they think they are superior because of their money and influence. Jonas is a real psychopath. Aldous – He was ok, the most realistic person in the book with his temper and not being perfect. As a Dom he is so-so, some scenes are not very safe. Carson -for a first time test being in the cage and bound for the whole night and again through the day I don’t find that healthy. He also didn’t do much explaining for the scenes, not that he must as a Dom, but some conversation for someone who is just getting to know bdsm would be appreciated. Carson – She didn’t get under my skin like some heroines do. Her investigation at first is a bit lacking and she is not really good detective. As for the submissive role – she is so eager to please him and do as he say, very trusting at first. As for their relationship – It was ok. The bdsm scenes were ok,…